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Lexicon is a customizable, pre-built mobile app that provides an elegant mobile discussions experience. Built on top of Discourse.


  • Topics, Private Messaging, User Signups, Profile Management, and more.
  • Straightforward process to customize the app for your brand
  • Rapidly build Android and iPhone apps for your existing Discourse site
  • Backed by a GraphQL API
  • Free and open source!
  • Commercial support available


  • Launch a custom mobile discussions app
  • Increase engagement with your users by adding a mobile-first Discourse experience—no more WebViews.
  • Built with React Native and Expo, delivering a native look-and-feel on both iOS and Android.
  • Includes an auto-documented GraphQL interface over the Discourse API, which you can build on top of.




How does Lexicon work?

Lexicon delivers a native mobile Discourse experience with two key components:

The Lexicon Mobile App

The Lexicon Mobile App is built with Expo, which allows us to maintain both the iOS and Android apps with a single codebase.

For those unfamiliar, Expo provides a superior development and deployment experience on top of React Native.

Prose: Discourse through GraphQL

Prose is Lexicon's GraphQL layer built on top of Discourse's API.

This enables developers to quickly build apps on top of a live Discourse instance while leveraging the benefits of GraphQL.

What is Discourse?

Discourse is open-source discussion software that is thoughtfully designed, simple to setup, and well-maintained.

You can learn more about it on the Discourse website.

Further Details

You can learn about the technical details of our approach in Concepts & Architecture.


MIT. Copyright (c) Lexicon