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As part of its White Labeling Support, Lexicon allows you to customize the theme of the mobile app. You can configure the base and functional colors according to a color scheme of your choosing. You're also able to customize icons, fonts, and even the error messages that appear inside of the mobile app. To get started with this, check out the Theming page under the White Labeling section.

White Labeling the Mobile App Assets

To provide your users with a unique experience that matches your brand, you can customize the splash screen and app icon on their device.

This will replace all Lexicon branding with your own.

Further details can be found in both the Tutorial and the White Labeling Section of this documentation.

Enabling Additional Discourse features

As you might already be aware, Discourse is a highly customizable piece of software. Much of it is customizable from the Admin Site Settings page on your Discourse instance.

Some of these settings will translate automatically into the Lexicon Mobile App, such as authorized extensions.

In general, we have done our best to get out of the way and use Discourse as the source of truth for how the Lexicon Mobile App should appear and behave.

If you find any settings that Lexicon is not responding to, but you feel it should, please open an issue and let us know.