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Discourse Features Support

Below is a table of Discourse features which provides the details and current status about the support for a given feature in the Lexicon Mobile App.

If we missed one, or anything looks out of date here, don't hesitate to submit a Pull Request which updates the table.

Is the feature you love not supported? Reach out to us to discuss how we can bring it to life for you.

Our General Approach to Feature Support​

Much of our initial focus was on using-facing features, rather than administrative features.

This is why, for example, users can select categories for their topics, but administrators are unable to create new categories from within the mobile app.

For this reason, most admin tasks are still best accomplished using the Discourse web app on a larger device.

Lexicon Mobile App Features​

2FA LoginAllow users with 2FA enabled to be prompted for their 2FA code when logging inβœ…Managing 2FA, such as enabling it or disabling it, is not currently supported.
Ability to Tag TopicsCreate and tag topics to provide relevant metadata for your users.βœ… πŸ”§Configuration Required-see Optimal Experience.
Topic Previews (Excerpts)Show an excerpt of the first post in a topic from the Home screen.βœ… πŸ”§Configuration Required-see Optimal Experience.
View User ActivityView a user's recent activityβ€”such as topics, posts, and likesβ€”in a single feed from their profile.βœ…The ability to filter by activity is not currently supported.
Topic MetricsLikes, Views, Replies, and Frequent Postersβœ…
Topic & Post ActionsAbility to like and edit topics and postsβœ…
View Top & Latest TopicsA Tab View at the top of the main feed provides the ability to switch between Latest and Top activityβœ…
SearchSearch the current Discourse instance for topics and posts based on keywords, categories, and tagsβœ…
CategoriesView the category of a topic and filter topics by a given categoryβœ…Categories cannot be created, updated, or deleted.
Attaching Media to PostsUsers can attach media to a post from the appβœ… πŸ”§Configuration Recommended for supported file extensions-see Optimal Experience
Standard MarkdownStandard Markdown is supported in the editor and rendered correctly in the mobile appβœ…Light, incomplete support exists for some of Discourse's custom markup, such as dates.
Sign UpAllow users to sign up for an account directly through the mobile app, depending on whether your Discourse instance allows new user registration or notβœ…
Browsing Public InstancesAllow users to immediately access and browse your Discourse instance from the mobile app if it is not privateβœ…Users will be prompted to login upon attempting an authenticated action.
User ProfilesAbility to view users' profiles and edit your ownβœ…Partial Support. The profile screen displays the user's photo, username, Markdown bio on a single line, and recent activity.
Post FlaggingAllow users to flag posts for admins to reviewβœ…Admins are not able to review posts in the app, though they will see in-app notifications for flags
In-App NotificationsAllow users to see new notifications from the profile screen of the mobile app and mark all notifications as readβœ…Some notifications from Discourse are not tappable in the mobile app, such as badge notifications.
Private messagingAllow users to start private or group messages with one anotherβœ…
MentionsAllow users to mention a user when creating or editing posts and messages.βœ…
Color ModeProvides light and dark mode support for users.βœ…Users can manually specify light or dark mode, or allow their device's settings to dictate the current color mode.
Push NotificationsEnable users to be directly notified of activity on their mobile devices.βŒπŸ”¨Under Development
Email Deep LinkingAutomatically open the mobile app to a specific post, message, etc. when a link is clicked from an email notification❌Complex task that may either require a custom theme or a manual guide
BadgesThe ability to see and interact with badges that have been awarded to users on the Discourse instance❌
Post DraftsEnable users to start composing a draft of a post and return to it later❌
GroupsEnable users to create and participate in private groups of which only group members can view certain topics❌
Admin FeaturesDiscourse provides an entire admin panel for managing and moderating the forum. These features are not available in Lexicon, and may be better suited to a desktop environment.❌Editing posts is supported
Post Quotes, Polls, Discourse Emojis, Toggles, and Task ListsCustom text formatting that enables Discourse-specific features❌Unicode-based emojis are of course supported.
Post BookmarksAllow users to bookmark certain posts or topics❌
Discourse SSOReplace Discourse authentication with a Custom Provider❌
Custom Authentication PluginsLogin via OAuth2 or other protocols using custom Discourse Plugins❌