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Prose Environment Variables

The table below lays out environment variables for the Prose GraphQL API.

If there is a default value indicated, you do not need to set it.

Environment VariableRequiredNotesDefault ValueExample Value
PROSE_DISCOURSE_HOSTYesThe specific location of your Discourse instance.-
PROSE_DISCOURSE_UPLOAD_HOSTNoInstruct Prose to use a different host for file uploads to Discourse.<PROSE_DISCOURSE_HOST>
PROSE_APP_HOSTNAMENoThe application-level hostname that Prose will listen on.localhost0.0.0.0
PROSE_APP_PORTNoThe application-level port that Prose will listen on.808080
SKIP_CHECK_DISCOURSENoBypass the startup process of checking the provided Discourse host for reachabilityfalsetrue