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100% React Native and TypeScript built on Expo

Lexicon was built, and is maintained, with a single code base—meaning that bug fixes, improvements, and new features will (in most cases) automatically apply to both iOS and Android.

GraphQL-based API

Developers who wish to contribute to (or fork) Lexicon can do so with all the benefits of GraphQL. For more information, check out Concepts and Architecture.

White Labeling Support

White Label the Lexicon Mobile App to give your users the familiar look and feel of your brand. Learn more in White Labeling.

Painless integration with existing Discourse instances

Getting started is as easy as spinning up a new server for the Prose GraphQL API, and pointing it at your Discourse instance. No changes are required on your Discourse instance itself.

However, to provide an optimal experience with features like Tagging and Topic Excerpts, you will need to make some light adjustments.

This is covered in detail in Deploying Prose.